3 Ways to Avoid Scratching Your New Floors

3 Ways to Avoid Scratching Your New Floors

Hard surface floors are beautiful and practical. But not indestructible. Wood, LVP, laminate – all can be scratched. You can take preventative measures by not wearing shoes (especially high heels) in your home, but the major culprit is the heavy furniture. Here’s how to avoid scratching your floor:

Many furniture pieces are quite heavy and require extra help to move. Oftentimes, homeowners attempt to move the furniture themselves, not asking for assistance. This is when scratches occur! If the piece is light or small enough, lift it from the hardwood flooring instead. If it’s something heavier and larger, always ask for assistance. You might be eager to rearrange your furniture, but a little help can prevent scratching your floors and keep them protected.

Use a rug(s) as a barrier. Not only does it protect against gouges, but it adds warmth, extra style, and color to the space. It can even anchor and tie together a large and spacious seating area. Add even more protection with a rug pad beneath your rugs. Just be certain the rug pad backing is safe to use on your floor. Otherwise, you might find a yellowing discoloration or the pad itself might cause fine hairline scratches.

Sometimes, you don’t want to use a rug. For instance, an area rug beneath a dining table is a great idea, but certain dining chair feet catch and make it difficult to slide to or from the table. Instead, when you need some movement, you could forgo the area rug and attach furniture pads to the feet. Felt pads perform exceptionally well when you need to shift and slide around furniture.

PRO TIP:  Don’t buy furniture pads at the dollar store. They won’t stay on. We recommend Flexi-Felt, a very durable line of floor protectors available in different shades and sizes. Do yourself a favor as a homeowner and protect any type of flooring you have with rugs and furniture pads to keep your floors looking beautiful and scratch-free for many years.

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