Dr. Jackie Walters: Breast Cancer Survivor • TV Personality • Women’s Wellness Advocate

Dr. Jackie Walters: Breast Cancer Survivor • TV Personality • Women’s Wellness Advocate

Dr. Jackie Walters
By Wyndi Kappes 

Award-winning OB-GYN Dr. Jackie Walters has been making waves in women’s health for decades. As the star of BRAVO’s Married to Medicine, she runs her own women’s healthcare clinic and a medical spa in Duluth and is the founder of 50 Shades of Pink Foundation which supports breast cancer patients’ psychological needs during and after treatment. In everything, she works with patients from the inside out to achieve better results.

What continues to drive your passion for women’s health?
Dr. Jackie Walters: Many of my patients are entering into a new phase of their life, menopause. After being diagnosed with breast cancer myself and going into menopause early, I learned quickly it’s a topic many don’t feel comfortable talking about openly. I am dedicated to learning about, educating and offering the latest in menopause symptom relief treatments and therapies to help my patients during this stage of their life.

What is your biggest advice for patients going through treatment?
JW: Any physician will tell you that a positive attitude truly has an impact on how well you respond to treatment. I knew that if I looked good, I would feel good, and if I felt good, my treatment would go well. That is why I started 50 Shades of Pink Foundation. Since 2013, the nonprofit has empowered thousands of breast cancer patients and survivors through care packages, fashion shows and donations for physical and mental healthcare.

How has the foundation evolved since you started it?
JW: I am pleased to share that we are expanding the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation to not only support breast cancer warriors, but also offer programs to help combat period poverty, maternal mortality and gynecologic cancers. I look forward to sharing more later this year!

What do you love about working in the Duluth area?
JW: This thriving community is rich in diversity, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that is both inspiring and welcoming. The people here are genuinely nice and open-hearted, making it easy to feel at home and connected. It’s truly a joy to be part of such an inclusive and supportive environment.


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