Fend Off Allergies With the Help of Experienced Docs at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma

Fend Off Allergies With the Help of Experienced Docs at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma


For the countless Atlantans suffering from allergies, the trusted pros at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma can keep you from constantly having to reach for the tissues.

By Jill Becker

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Contributing to that for many Atlanta-area residents is the fact that, when compared to most major metropolitan cities, Atlanta has an unusually high percentage of area covered by tree canopy.Three distinct pollen seasons This has earned it a reputation as “a city in a forest,” which contributes to the misery many feel each spring when trees release their pollen. Luckily, local allergy sufferers can turn to the folks at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma to help ease their symptoms—and their minds—when it comes to the effects of what is among the top 10 leading causes of chronic illness in the U.S.

“Allergic diseases have a profound impact on people’s day-to-day activities, as well as an impact on their long-term health,” says Dr. Meera Patrawala, who recently joined Dr. Lily Hwang at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma’s Alpharetta office. “I love working together with patients, and sometimes their families, to provide individualized care that improves all aspects of their lives.”

Dr. Patrawala is just one of the 16 board-certified allergists who, along with 10 advanced practitioners, make up the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma team trained in diagnosing and treating everything from airborne allergies and asthma to sinus disorders and immune deficiencies in both adults and children. In business for almost 50 years, Atlanta Allergy & Asthma has 17 locations across the metro Atlanta area, making it the largest allergy practice in the state. And you know those pollen counts that you see reported on the local news? They come from Atlanta Allergy & Asthma. You can even sign up for their daily email and have the pollen counts delivered straight to your inbox.

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma doctors talking about researchAnother thing that makes Atlanta Allergy & Asthma stand out is the fact that it has its own research department, which is a rarity among most practices. In fact, Atlanta Allergy & Asthma participated in the clinical trials that led to the introduction of the first FDA-approved therapy for pediatric peanut allergies, a treatment now available to qualifying Atlanta Allergy & Asthma patients. Staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field is paramount at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma. Dr. Patrawala, who has a background in clinical research, enjoys combining her passions of research and patient care. “Keeping up with the latest developments and therapies allows me to provide the most effective treatment plans for my patients,” says Dr. Patrawala.

Whether your eyes continuously water when ragweed season rolls around, your throat swells up after a bee sting or you develop a rash after sampling shellfish, you can turn to the qualified team at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma.

Controlling Allergens in Your Home

Whether your allergies are mild or mind-blowing, there are things you can do around the house to help combat their effects. Here are a few suggestions from the folks at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma.

  • Dr. Patrawala at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma with patientUse HEPA filters, especially in bedrooms.
  • Remove your shoes upon entering the house.
  • Avoid foam pillows.
  • Wash bed linens in hot water at least once a week.
  • Store firewood outdoors.
  • Wash your hands after playing with animals.
  • Don’t use scented sprays, candles or plug-ins.
  • Use washable window coverings.


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