Smiling Bright

Smiling Bright

Growing up in Iran, Bahar Nia took a keen interest in her father’s dental practice, hovering around him, watching his skilled approach and hoping to follow in his footsteps. Once she turned 18, she and her family decided that she should continue her education in America. “For the schools here, and the opportunity,” Bahar explained, “it was best.”

She had some relatives already in Atlanta, so she began taking courses at Georgia State University (GSU) while also learning English through ESL classes at Georgia Institute of Technology. She and her husband, Frank, met while both students at GSU, but she completed her undergraduate work in Houston, near her sister.
The couple were back together again for dental school at the University of Pennsylvania and she followed up studies there with a residency at MD Anderson Cancer Center back in Houston.

Yet, something about Atlanta kept pulling her back. By 2008, she and Frank settled here and together established a dental practice that would grow into multiple of ces throughout the metro area. As the couple started their family, Bahar began to shift her perspective about her career trajectory and committed to opening her own cosmetic dentistry practice. The sole focus of the newly renovated Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is to provide exquisite, concierge-level patient care. “I want to create a lasting impression for patients. No one will ever be treated like just a number or name in the appointment book. This practice has the latest technology and a beautiful spa-like aesthetic in a convenient location, but what’s most important is connecting with my patients so that I can anticipate their needs.”

While nurturing her relationships with other seasoned dentists, Bahar is poised to lead the way in creating beautiful smiles through modern cosmetic dentistry. This approach is sure to attract not only families but also the likes of sports superstars and local celebrities. For Bahar, creating long-term personal relationships with her
patients helps her bring them the best possible care. “I have a holistic approach. Treating the whole patient gives insight into a variety of problems with symptoms that show up in the mouth and teeth—grinding, sleep apnea, and nutrition,” Bahar says.

She feels honored by the trust her patients have in her and respects the challenges that might lead them to her office door. “For me, cosmetic dentistry really isn’t just ‘cosmetic’ at all. These are life-changing improvements, which bring new confidence to people. That’s extremely important.”

It was key for Bahar’s office to be close to her house, the schools her two daughters attend, as well as to be central to the community. “We love this area. We spend a lot of time with the girls at Chastain Park, at the tennis center or amphitheater for concerts and festivals. We are huge fans of Bartaco, Superica, and Rumi’s Kitchen.” With one daughter at Da Vinci International School and one at Atlanta International School (AIS), Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry’s location also gives her the exibility to continue actively volunteering at the schools. “The annual gala at AIS is something we really enjoy; every year focuses on a theme from a different country and this year, it’s Morocco.”

Details:, 316 Pharr Rd. NE., 404-400-0400.

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