Stacey Chapman: Triathlete, Award-Winning CEO, Best Self’s Over 40 & Fabulous Alum

Stacey Chapman: Triathlete, Award-Winning CEO, Best Self’s Over 40 & Fabulous Alum

Stacey Chapman
By Jennifer Colosimo

It’s in Stacey Chapman’s DNA to leave every community, place and situation better than she found it. From trailblazing a woman’s place in construction as the owner of CROFT & Associates to creating a community for military wives and volunteering with dozens of Atlanta charities like CURE and Arts bridge, this triathlete goes above and beyond while staying down to earth.

Q: How do you approach everyday life?
Stacey Chapman:
I try to give back each day—whether it’s to the community, those I love or those I work with. I focus on establishing meaningful connections with the individuals I want to help by listening to their situations, empathizing with their struggles and treating them with respect and dignity.

Q: Tell us more about what inspired you to createRunning for Our Soldiers.
SC: My husband has gone through seven deployments as a Black Hawk Pilot, and it’s not always easy to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty. I always ran races and tried to stay healthy to keep my mind off of it, but I noticed on social media that many military spouses were scared and getting in their heads—so I reached out and asked if they wanted to train with me for a 5K. Most claimed there was no way they could do that—they weren’t runners. I promised them I could create an easy plan they could get through, and we did it! Today, it engages military spouses from all around Georgia.

Q: How do you stay grounded amidst all of your involvements?
SC: I regularly engage in opportunities that relax and rejuvenate me, such as training for races, spending time with loved ones (this includes my furbabies, Georgia Belle and Kirby) or leaning into my artistic side by painting or gardening. I paddleboard and love taking my Jeep off-roading.

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in Smyrna?
SC: We have a ton of friends and great neighbors and I know most of our city’s representatives, which demonstrates the “community” aspect of Smyrna. There is a great vision for growth—just look at the Village Green and the events they do to try and bring the community together.

Q: Where can people find you most out and about in your neighborhood?
SC: My husband Al and I are big fans of Smyrna Market Village. I enjoy shopping at Gifting Tree and The Secret Garden, Creatwood Tavern is one of our favorite places for a patio and we are so close to The Battery and Truist Park to enjoy food, fun places and, of course, the Atlanta Braves!

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