Make Your Home Renovation or Build Dreams Come True With the Team at Dove Studio

Make Your Home Renovation or Build Dreams Come True With the Team at Dove Studio

The Team at Dove Studio

From countertops to custom cabinetry, Paul Castell and his crew at Dove Studio are here to ensure your home renovation or new build is everything you want and need it to be.

Story by Jill Becker, Photography by Elle Wood Photography.

Paul Castell in front of outdoor grill“What makes us stand out is our collaboration with our clients,” says Paul Castell, owner and president of Dove Studio, a kitchen and bath design studio with two area locations, including the main showroom at ADAC West in Buckhead. Lead designer Jenny Lyons agrees with his conclusion, noting that when it comes to remodels and new builds, people have a difficult time imagining what their space could be, so it helps to have an expert in your corner.

“The visualizing part is hard for most people,” says Lyons. “Which is why the interview part of the process is so important. We talk clients through it, asking questions like how they’ll use the space, who’ll be using it and what their routines are. Typically, if you send people to an appliance store, they only want to sell you an appliance. They’re not [looking at the big picture and] thinking about how you really use your space.”

The team at Dove Studio also walks clients through their showroom, introducing them to different cabinet samples, appliance displays and other design vignettes. “That way, they can see and touch things. They can feel the finishes, the weight of the doors, etc.,” says Castell.

Dove Studio also incorporates sophisticated software that lets them plug in a client’s choice of cabinetry, appliances, paint colors and even specific pieces of furniture to create a 3D rendering of the space. “Normally, people are just looking at floor plans,” says Lyons. “Nobody’s really brought the space to life for them like this.” Castell notes that between the 3D rendering and the showroom, people have a pretty good idea of what they’ll be getting, which isn’t always the case.

Jenny Lyons

One of the things their clients will likely be getting is custom cabinetry, which is a Dove Studio specialty. In fact, they were recently voted as the company with the Best Custom Built-In Cabinets in our sister publication My Home Improvement’s Best of 2021 awards.

Of course, the room that typically has the most cabinetry is the kitchen. “The kitchen is really the most complex part of the house,” says Lyons. “You have to incorporate cabinetry, lighting, technology and functionality all in one space. We help people integrate all parts of the kitchen and can accomplish it all here.”

Creating a dream outdoor kitchen is quickly becoming a more frequent client request, especially since the pandemic, with everyone wanting to get outside more. “The main thing we have to concern ourselves with in outdoor kitchens is space,” says Castell, pointing out how outdoor kitchens are generally much smaller than their indoor counterparts. “It’s generally best to start with the appliances you want, whether it’s a gas grill or a pizza oven, and go from there.”

But no job is too big or too complex for Dove Studio’s five-person team. “We’ve been doing this for 20 years,” says Castell. “We’ve worked on everything from mountain retreats and beach houses to Midtown lofts and Buckhead mansions.” He notes that 2021 has been a particularly busy year. “The business is growing,” says Castell. “We’re even looking to hire another designer.”

When not busy with projects, you can find Castell grabbing a bite to eat at Anis Cafe & Bistro or Le Bilboquet. An avid outdoorsman, he also loves gearing up for an adventure at The Fish Hawk.

5 Things To Do Before Renovating or Building a Home

Green kitchen by Dove StudioSo you want to give your kitchen a makeover or add on a new home office, but you’re not sure where to start? The team at Dove Studio has the following suggestions.

1. Start looking at inspirational pictures in magazines and places like Instagram or Pinterest. “When you’re looking at the photos, be sure to pay special attention to what elements or colors grab your attention over and over,” says designer Stephanie Elder, “as those are the things you truly love.”

2. Make a list of the things you love about your current space, as well as a record of the things you don’t like or feel are missing.

3. As you’re going through your everyday routine, be mindful of how you use certain appliances or features in your home. Knowing your daily motions and interactions with your house can be extremely helpful in the design process.

4. Start researching appliances and other amenities to see what’s new out there, like fancy steam ovens for the kitchen and built-in hair dryers for the bathroom. There may be something out there that can solve a particular issue you’re having.

5. Consider the costs. “It’s definitely good to have a budget in mind ahead of time,” says designer Jenny Lyons. “We can design to any budget, but it’s helpful to have an idea of what you’re willing to spend.”

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